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Assembly Instructions


Before installing in your vehicle, you must prep the partition. Here is the list of videos to learn partition installation for different vehicles.


First step is to install (4) four straps into the partition. The straps allow the partition to be secured to the headrests of each front seat. The cam of each strap should rest on the driver side of the partition.

Next step is to attach the extension wings to the top of the partition, each wing uses (3) three fasteners per wing. Both extension wings should be installed on the driver side of the partition, at the top.

Assemble the middle piece using (3) three fasteners. Install one strap into the middle piece. Your bag also contains 2 wooden dowels, they will be used when you install the middle piece into the partition in the vehicle.

Installation Instructions

1. Adjust front car seats down and line them up evenly (move the seats with caution as needed after installed)

2. Slide the partition around car headrest

3. Use CAM straps provided to secure partition to headrest (one strap goes horizontal and the other vertical on each side. After install tear off the protective paper.

4. For optional center piece please slide the two middle pieces to the width you need and then insert the middle piece to the level desired and put pin in to secure and put CAM strap inside the bottom slots and secure the middle piece to your console area. - (not included unless ordered)

5. For optional extension wing pieces please line wings up with slots on the partition, separate one of the screws into two pieces and place each half of the screw on each side of the unit. Repeat process on each slot (screw should face driver side) - (not included unless ordered)

Feel free to contact us if you are facing any issues related to vehicle partition installation.