What is the partition?
The Universal Rideshare Safety Vehicle Partition goes between your two front seats and is Removable, Self-Installable, and Affordable. No matter who you transport, stay in control! The partition fits 92% of cars, suvs, and vans made after the year 2000. Due to the universal nature of the partition you will have gaps on the side and ceiling areas of your vehicle.

Use it when on the job to protect against physical attacks (or germs) and when not driving store it in your trunk. It’s great to capture an offender on a Dash Cam, but do it safely behind a removable, self-installable, affordable RSP partition. 

How strong is the partition?
The Rideshare Safety Partition is durable and can withstand force of 1200 pounds of impact, but is not bullet proof.

How heavy and the size of the partition?
The Universal Rideshare Safety Partition (shoulder up protection with some gaps) weighs less than 10lbs and is 12H x 4W x 47.06L (4mm thickness or less than half inch) . The optional middle piece is 15.5H x 10.37L (middle console protection with some gaps). The optional extension pieces are 11.5H x 2.75W x 23.5L (reduce ceiling and side gaps for larger vehicles).

Where can I get a partition?
The Rideshare Safety Partition can be purchased on our website and at select Distributor and Installers. If you want to become apart of our DIP please contact us at

How do I purchase a partition?
You can order a Rideshare Safety Partition on our website

How much is the partition?
The Rideshare Safety Partition price can be found above in order now section. We have three products, the partition and two attachments the middle piece (covers the console area with some gaps) and extension wings (covers more of the side and ceiling of your vehicle).

How fast will my partition be delivered?
The Rideshare Safety Partition will be shipped within 7-14 business days at an additional cost based on your location, but it usually arrives within the first 5 days through USPS.

How do you install the partition?

The Rideshare Safety Partition can be self-installed in five simple steps:

1. Adjust front car seats to the same level and take off the protective plastic

2. Slide the partition around headrests.

3. Use cam straps to secure the partition to the headrests

4. Adjust front car seats back to driving position.

5. Middle piece - if you have a middle piece, slide it through center of partition and adjust the width and strap to bottom of the console area

6. Extension wings - if you have extension wings, attach them to top of the partition and slide them to the position you need

Install video can be found here -


Do I get anything for referring  people to purchase or rent a Rideshare Safety Partition?
Yes, we have a Driver and Rider Referral Partner program that pays both Drivers and Riders for completed referrals to purchase around 10% per order and we provide a custom code for that person to use to track orders. Complete our form here - 

What is your phone number?
It is 844-4-RIDE-SAFE (844-4-7433-7233)

What is the Grant Nelson Memorial Program?
This program highlights Rideshare Safety for Rideshare Drivers who are strangers picking up other strangers. There have been many incidents and Grant's incident was fatal. Learn more at