A Guide to Installing Rideshare Safety Partition

A Guide to Installing Rideshare Safety Partition

The increasing traffic congestion, smoke emission, and other degrading effects on the environment by personal vehicles have given rise to the concept of sharing rides. With ridesharing, we help the environment while saving fuel and time. But not everyone is comfortable sharing rides with strangers, and safety is of paramount importance.  Rideshare services provide you and your passengers with safety and a feeling of comfort, especially during the post-Covid era.

What is a Rideshare Safety Partition?

Rideshare safety partition is made of clear polycarbonate that makes it tough and virtually indestructible. It provides the best visibility available in portable vehicle safety partition barriers. It is non-obstructive as it takes air space that is not used 99 percent of the time in a car. It has a universal fit, but Rideshare services also provide customizable options. It is easy to install, remove and reposition. There are different variants available that bifurcate front seats from rear seatstwo front seats, or all seats from each other.

If you have already bought a Rideshare Safety Partition, follow these simple steps to install your Rideshare safety partition easily-

Preparing the Partition

Feed the four straps available in the kit through your partition gaps. The straps allow the partition to be secured to the headrests of each front seat.

Ensure that the cam of each strap should rest on the driver side of the partition.

Attaching Extension Wings

  • The extension wings should be installed on the driver side of the partition.
  • Use the screws to fasten the extension wings to the top of the partition. There are three fasteners included for each wing.

Assembling the Middle pieces

  • There are two middle pieces. You can place them on top of each other in any sequence.
  • Use the three screws, ensuring a washer on both sides of the middle piece, to fix the middle pieces together.
  • Install one strap in the middle piece to assemble it completely.
  • You can separate the middle pieces as apart as you want, according to the gap between the two front seats of your vehicle.

Installing the Partition in Your Vehicle

  • Adjust the front seats and line them up evenly. (Remember to move the seats with caution after installing a partition)
  • Slide the partition around the car headrest.
  • Fasten the CAM straps on the partition to secure it to the headrest. One strap goes horizontal, and the other goes vertical for both the headrests.
  • After installation, tear off the protective paper.
  • Install the middle piece to the partition with the two wooden dowels. Then secure the middle piece with the strap to your console area or armrest.\
  • Position the extension wings according to the height of your vehicle.

About Rideshare Safety Partitionn

At Rideshare Safety Partition Company, we promote rideshare safety for both drivers & passengers with our universal vehicle partitions. Whether you need to transport a special needs person, rideshare passengers, children, pets, or security transfers, we are the original patent-pending, self-installable removable Rideshare Safety Partition Company that excels in passenger vehicle safety. To know more, contact us on 844-I-RIDE-SAFE (844-474-3372) or write to us at info@ridesharesafetypartition.com.

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