5 Safety Tips for Rideshare Drivers

5 Safety Tips for Rideshare Drivers

Ridesharing or shared rides are considered innovative, fuel-saving, and time-saving transportation approaches that enable passengers with easy access to commutation from one place to another as and when needed. Ridesharing platforms have demonstrated global growth and positive response from customers. Since millions of rides are requested daily, it becomes essentially necessary to ensure the trust and safety of both the drivers and the riders. 

The digital platform-based app features offer various safety features to the riders to ensure their safety and convenience. However, safeguarding the rideshare drivers from inherent risks is also an integral part of the successful ridesharing business. While the technology is serving your best interests in mind, as drivers, you must also take specific actions to mitigate the risk and protect yourself from unwanted circumstances. 

Follow these five safety tips if you are driving a rideshare car:

Tip 1: Don’t sick drive

Always drive in a healthy state of mind, health, and condition. Amidst the pandemic, ensuring one's own well-being is critical. Therefore, if you are sick or feeling unwell, you must avoid driving at all costs. You might think it’s just a sneeze or regular coughing, but staying in a car all day long and coming across various passengers may become a severe threat to many individuals, including yourself. 

You can even use a rideshare partition to ensure safety and maintain a healthy distance within the car.

Tip 2: Verify and confirm your rider

Riders are recommended to find you and the right cab by checking your license plate, model of your car and matching your photo with what’s available on the app. As a driver, feel free to ask your passengers for your name to confirm before entering your vehicle.

Tip 3: Protect your personal space and information

With ever-evolving technology, the app anonymizes your call details while you call or message your riders. You should also avoid sharing your personal information with your passengers. You can consider encouraging your riders to take the back seat since it will give you both some personal space. 

Tip 4: Maintain the hygiene of your car

Always clean every glass to every corner of your vehicle since your vehicle is your workplace. Driving all day long with different passengers can make your car a wagon full of dangerous germs. Buy a readily available disinfectant to clean every corner of your car. 

Tip 5: Keep your car ventilated

To ensure the safety of the passengers and drivers in this covid situation, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the drivers keep the cars ventilated. You should keep your car’s air system off of the recirculation setting during the pandemic and allow fresh air inside to keep your vehicle free from suffocation and unhealthy air.


Trust your intuition and experience to analyze an emergency. You can always press the emergency button on your app and call for help. If you feel unsafe, feel free to end the ride anytime.

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