5 Safety Tips for Rideshare Passengers

5 Safety Tips for Rideshare Passengers

Over the years, the concept of ridesharing has taken the world of transportation by storm, intending to reduce traffic congestion, the number of trips, and the smoke emission of vehicles. Safety holds a central theme standing adjacent to rideshare services, especially during the new normal era. Ridesharing offers a series of benefits to the passengers as a cost-effective transportation option for commuters. 

If you use rideshare services while traveling to familiar or new places, here are five safety tips you should keep in mind to avoid any inconvenient situations:

Tip 1: Wait indoors

Since the cab booking apps show the exact location of your cab, request your ride while staying indoors. Avoid waiting outside for too long and stay in a busy, well-lit area or indoors until you receive the notification that the driver has arrived. Lingering outside for too long with your valuables may attract thieves or pickpockets.

Tip 2: Check and confirm

Before stepping inside the cab, always match the car's model, license plate, and driver's photo with what's provided in your app. It will also prevent you from accidentally taking someone else's ride. 

Must remember- Rather than offering your name while opening the cab's door, always ask the driver for the passenger's name. 

Tip 3: Share your trip details 

Use the in-app trip-status sharing features while en route that allows you to share live updates about your location with trusted friends or family members. They can easily track your trip and ETA once you hit the "share status/ route" button. If you feel threatened, you can even stay connected on a call with anyone you trust and let the driver know that you've shared the trip's details.

Tip 4: Keep your personal information confidential

There's no harm in exchanging pleasantries with your driver, but do not share any confidential information or other vital details with them. Avoid talking about yourself or your traveling details. 

With technology advancements, the app anonymizes your call details and masks the details of your pickup and drop-off locations in the driver's trip history. 

Tip 5: Choose your seat wisely

Choose to sit in the back seat always. Sitting on the passenger side's rear seat will allow you to keep an eye on both the driver and the road. In addition, the back seat is safer because it creates two possible exits and increases space between the driver and the passenger. 

However, all situations and vehicles are not the same. Therefore, in a large car or a shared ride, try to choose a seat that offers you easy access to the door with a good viewpoint of both the driver and the road. 

Point to remember- If you feel safe in the front seat, a good driver won't mind if you sit there. Therefore, consider it a red flag if the driver or anyone forces you to sit on a particular seat.


If anything seems 'off' about your driver, car, route, or anything else, trust your gut and take action. Prioritize your safety and well-being and call for help if anything seems wrong. 

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